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What makes a good dogging spot?

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Many amateur and first time doggers assume that dogging sex can take place just about anywhere - as long as you have outdoor sex and you are watched by other doggers. While UK dogging is widely associated with public sex taking place in the outdoors, there are only a handful of "locations", mentioned on dogging personals that will qualify as the perfect outdoor sex spot.

You just have to look at dogging pictures and videos to see that this adult activity doesn't just happen at random places, but that the location is very well planned. After doing extensive research we found that locations like car-parks, laybys, picnic spots, clearings in forest areas, sand dunes on beaches, country parks and view points on hilltops make the perfect dogging locations.

Car-park sex

One of the most popular places to have sex in front of voyeurs is probably a car-park and hence the term car park sex. What makes outdoor sex in a car-park so popular is that you have enough space for exhibitionists to put on a proper show, using their cars as a stage. If you take a look at dogging videos and pictures on our site you will see that many couples prefer to engage in sexual activities on the bonnet of their car.

Another reason why car-parks are a popular dogging location is because it is not used by the public at night time giving doggers free reign to have outdoor sex. All the space in car- parks also makes it easier for voyeurs to watch from a safe distance without scaring away the exhibitionists.

So where do you find these car-parks? We can promise you that driving to all the car-parks in your area on a Saturday night, looking for UK dogging action, will be more a miss than a hit. The best advice that we can give you is to search our extensive database of dogging locations in your area to find the nearest place to have car-park sex. Doing a quick summary from our public sex locations it looks like the most car-parks used for UK dogging are the car-parks of bars, country parks, picnic spots, lakes, beaches and heritage sites.

Laybys - a popular meeting spot advertised on Dogging personals

Most villages and towns in England, Scotland and Wales have laybys as you enter or exit them. These laybys make the classic dogging sex spot because they are easy to locate and near major junctions. Swingers that advertise on dogging personals also don't have to go to a lot of trouble to give directions to other couples to meet them at a layby in a specific area.

Laybys have a sexual history with truckers stopping there to get a blow-job or sex from a prostitute. Couples that use laybys for public sex tend to avoid the laybys that are frequented by truckers and that are easily seen from the road. They prefer the laybys that are more secluded and covered with trees giving the exhibitionists just enough privacy to put on a good show.

Dogging at picnic spots and country parks are a night time sport .

Beaches, Picnic spots, Country Parks, Lakes and Heritage Sites all have one thing in common they are loved by families during the day and by doggers during the night. A major of a town in Wales was outraged this year when he discovered that his town's most prized heritage site was used for dogging sex late at night. He immediately implemented strict security to keep the doggers at bay.

We advise all couples and singles wanting to take part in public sex in any of the areas mentioned above to take extra precautions. We know that being seen adds to the thrill and that's why voyeurs do it, but there is no fun in being caught by the police. Even exhibitionists can get into trouble for being somewhere they are not supposed to be late at night.

The best advice that we can give you is to go to a very secluded spot if you want to engage in UK dogging. If you are having outdoor sex on the beach then go the furthest side of the beach. If you are having car park sex at a country park then make sure that you don't get locked in as they do sometimes close the gates.

Another useful tip is to keep the dogging locations within the dogging community. By only discussing it on our dogging personals, outdoor sex forums, blogs and chat rooms you will keep this information away from the average public and only accessible to your fellow doggers. Posting pictures on sites like Flickr and your latest dogging videos on Youtube will only alert the wrong people of what is going on in their area and they might try and stop you from having fun.

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