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Why swingers chat to a computer screen

If you've never engaged in adult video chat you might wonder why do people get turned on, if they are actually just talking to a computer screen? While nothing can compare to talking one on one to another person, swingers chat is now sexier and more real than you could ever imagine.

So what exactly does adult chat on the net entail? It basically means that your using a computer and technology like a webcam as a medium to communicate sexually with a person that turns you on. In other words you are creating your own sexual virtual reality where you can play with whoever you wish.

We like to call it sexy webcams chat because not only do you get to interact with sexy swingers from your area and all over the world, but you also get to see them and their sexy moves via a webcam. So technically you're not speaking to a computer screen when you're taking part in adult video chat but to another adult. In this way you not only get to overcome time zones and distances but it's also the perfect way to connect with a stranger on a sexual level in a safe environment.

There are many swinging couples that use our swingers chat rooms to meet other couples or singles for dogging and wife swapping activities. It's also a great way to learn about new fantasies and then to switch to our sexy webcams chat for role play and S&M sessions. Our adult video chat can be accessed 24 hours a day, every day of the year and this means that you don't have to wait for your partner or a stranger to meet up in real life you can get off right then and there.

Adult Chat lingo

If you're not familiar with the basic lingo used in chat rooms and on forums then the following line might sound like Greek to you: "B4 u go got 2 tell u g8 joke sure 2 hav u ROFL". It translates as: "Before you go I've got to tell you a great joke. It's sure to have you rolling on the floor laughing." Most internet users will get tired of reading this long sentence, not to mention typing it out.

Just like normal, swingers chat rooms also have chat lingo and emoticons that make adult chat so much faster to type and easier to read. We've compiled a list of the most popular lingo and emoticons (symbols used to display feeling) used by sexy swingers on our website.

Emoticons used in Swingers chat:

;-) ... wink
:-< ... pouting
:-> ... grin/mischievous
;-)~ ... sexy tongue
!:-) .. I have an idea
*K* kiss
:-)' drooling
:-9 .. licking lips

Naughty adult chat lingo:

GNOC: Get naked on Cam (webcam)
NIFOC: Naked in Front of Computer
TDTM: Talk Dirty to Me
BEG: Big Evil Grin
EG: Evil Grin
WEG: wicked evil grin
WTFP: Want to go Private
YL: Young Lady
YM: Young Man
bj: Blow job
DS: Doggy style
porn*: porn star
(L) MIRL: (Lets) meet in real life
PRON: Porn
Noob: Newie: if you're new to the swinger/dogging scene
H&K: Hugs and Kisses
QT: cutie
STR8: straight
xxx- x-rated

Body language sexy swingers use

Now that you've mastered the lingo and emoticons of our swingers chat rooms you'll probably feel more comfortable to try a few tricks in front of the webcam.

Making eye contact with the camera, pouting and touching your hair is but a few popular moves that you can use on adult video chat. Remember Sharon Stone uncrossing her legs very seductively in the Basic Instinct Movie? By focusing on moving your body seductively while you are taking part in sexy webcams chat you will make the horny swinger watching you believe that you got private lessons from Miss. Stone herself

When it comes to swingers chat it's all about appearing confident by just doing everything very slowly. It's much sexier taking your time to unbitten your shirt one button at a time, than just pulling your shirt over your head in a matter of seconds. Sexy swingers have admitted on swinger forums that they appreciate it more when the person on the webcam moves slowly and seductively because they get a chance to study the person and to take them in.

Are you feeling up for it yet? If you're too shy to expose yourself on sexy webcams chat then first go visit our adult chat rooms and just observe what's going on. We're sure you'll get turned on faster than you can switch on your webcam.

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