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Welcome to our swingers contacts site where you are bound to meet many sex contacts from the UK, Ireland, Spain, USA who wants to engage in free sex with you! No strings sex can come in many forms and be anything from wife swapping, swinging, dogging, gang bangs to using our webcams to live out your fantasies for your new sex contacts.

We have real swingers that are straight, gay, bi, cross-dressers and trannies and who all love to engage in free sex. Nowhere else will you be able to meet such a variety of UK Sex contacts that are actively updating their profiles with new info, adult photos and erotic videos. See this as your one stop shop for all your sexual needs. By joining for free you will be able to meet singles and couples online and offline. Our sex site is a safe way for you to make new contacts and first check them out before engaging in no strings sex with them.

How to approach doggers

Many sex contacts and real swingers that you will meet on our swingers site are also into no strings sex called dogging. This sexual activity usually takes place in semi-public places like car-parks or picnic spots. Dogging is also a way of getting great free sex for singles, especially males.

What usually happens on a dogging night is that couples will put on a sex show in their cars and then invite others to join in on the fun. The trick is for doggers to know what dogging signs to use when they are taking part in this activity. There are different signals to let others know you want them to approach, join in or back off. For most of these signals you need your car as a tool.

Many doggers are also exhibitionists who like being watched during sex. Some of the confident exhibitionists likes putting on a show on the bonnet of their car. Others like to keep the action in the car but they also want to add a thrill by having others watch them. The best way for these couples to attract voyagers is to keep the interior light in their car on. Even if you are in a secluded dark forest other doggers will be able to spot the light in your car a mile away. If you email your sex contacts about the dogging spot where you are going to meet remember to tell them to look out for the interior light in your car.

If you want to go to the next step then you should also leave the window of your car open after switching your interior light on. Leaving the window open is a clear sign that you don't mind singles touching you or your partner. If you are not sure if people are real swingers at a dogging site, don't just start touching them if they open their window. They might just be an innocent couple looking for fresh air in the woods. If you read the forums on our sex site you will see that leaving a car door open is also a way of inviting others to join in on the action.

Doggers can also use their headlight or break light to give a signal. Flashing your break lights once or your headlights three times is the same as switching the interior light on it's an open invite for anyone to approach. If you are in an open car park and want some more privacy you should flash your headlights once to a nearby person or car and then drive to a secluded spot. This will indicate to them that they should follow you.

Having sex in front of strangers isn't just a case of "wham bam thank you Mam." Most couples need a little time and privacy for foreplay. So if you are kissing and cuddling in your car and someone approaches to soon then just flash your headlights twice and it will tell them to back off until you flash it three times.

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